~Get Organized~

Wouldn't it be great to have a professional to come into our homes and organize all our clutter. We ALL have those items we don't think we can live without, however we live without using them for years, we just keep them to keep them,convincing ourselves one day I will use it again. Those THINGS kept growing until they literally were taking over rooms in our home. Since most of us can't really afford a professional organizer to tell us what we already know "If you haven't used it in 2 years, It has got to go". I decided to take on that challenge and "Get Organized" I recently read a book by Meryl Starr, The Personal Organizing Workbook. One of her challenges to you is, take a walk around your home or office. Are there any areas you dread entering, or even seeing? When you walk into a room or open a closet door and you can feel your energy drop, that's your signal that you've found a perfect place to begin. Enter this problem area , close your eyes, and imagine what that space would look like with nothing at all in it. Just thinking about that empty space, you may notice your spirits beginning to beginning to lift.

Don't forget to check out "The Personal Organizing Workbook" by Merryl Starr and Happy organizing.

Accomplish a project that you have been putting off.
Remember, "The Rewards Far Exceed the Effort".

Best Wishes,
The Simple Life