I get by with a little help from my friends.......

I get by with a little help from my friends.... and this week is a testimony to that.
actually my post has absolutely nothing to do with the Beatles... but, you just gotta love this pic.. :)

after the week i have had.. i have sang that song for the past 2 days... first my furnace went out... 30 degrees no heat .. nil, nada. cold. very cold.  i called a dear friend of mine 3 days later.. i didn't want to interupt his weekend with his family... but, i needed help. Now, to tell you the truth, that is something i have always had a problem with. admitting i can't do something and i need help.

When i became a single mom of (3 daughters), i put on this "i can do anything byself exterior)... i don't know why, but i do believe i couldn't admit it to myself. I had to be strong, in a super woman sort of way. I didn't want to fail, or ever appear weak, even when i couldn't do something.. i just kept trying until i at least accomplished what needed to be done.  Sad but true. But, this furnace thing got the best of me. I replaced the internal fuse, i checked the thermostat and nada.. i knew it was electrical, but i didn't want to burn my house down with my "i'll fix it by myself" attitude.

My friend Eric was at my house in 30 minutes... sure enough electrical.. he had it up and running in 40 minutes... he has been in the business for 20 years... so he is kinda "super knowledgeable"... he was so sweet. stopped what he was doing and reminded me that is what friends are for... am i blessed or what.  Thanks Eric.. sincerely.

Then ... thrilled that we now had heat again... i decided to start some laundry..our laundry room is downstairs ... so... not having any heat, i have avoided going downstairs... it was too cold.  I opened the laundry room doors and there it was..

WATER!!!!! running down the walls and the ceiling... yep!!!! a busted water pipe!!!!!
i ran back upstairs and turned off the water. Came back to the laundry room, and stood in the doorway.. not one tear! i wanted to cry, i really wanted to cry. But... I didn't i glared at this wall, i stood there for 10 minutes just staring at the face of another BIG disaster... i pressed on the sheetrock and it was a soggy mushy blob.. that came off of the 2x4's.. the pipe must have been leaking for a couple of days.  Now, no water.  no bath. no laundry, no toilets.....  i drained the pipes and grabbed as much water for the furry man of the house (Rocky) and enough to wash my face. 
The next morning i text messaged another friend Reggie, (he had done some plumbing work for me before)...he was at my house in an hour.. tore out the wall, climbed through and fixed the leaking pipe.... and i cried this time, not out of sadness or frustration but, because in 2 days 2 dear people said... that is what friends are for. 
this is my laundry room now :(   ... but, i HAVE WATER AND HEAT!!!!!!! :)
and... when i posted this pic on my facebook.... another new friend Gary (who installed my new kitchen floor) saw it and responded right away with... i can come by this weekend.  He and his sweet wife Bridget have become friends... so, i guess i can't do everything... but, i do get by with a little lot of help from my friends... I am so blessed. Thank you guys... xoxo