~My new colour love is White~

I have always loved white, but there have been times when I thought I loved color more. I am going back to white, more and more.  I have been painting things white here and there and everywhere lately.
And yet for all my love of white, I will never have one of those ‘all white’ houses, – I love color too much for that.......But I am lovin the "white" additions!.......

The beautiful pumpkins were a gift from my sweet friend Kim...aren't they pretty...and the little sister plate is from my sweet sister "Cheryll"   enjoy the weekend.
Till Next Time,

~Follow your heart~

I heard a quote once "Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” and my heart has been worn proudly and vulnerably outside my body since the day they were born. I have been their teacher, their authority and most of all their biggest fan. I have had sleepless nights awaiting the visit from the tooth fairy, helped santa build doll houses, held them when the mean boy they had a crush on didn't feel the same.  I have been a requested spectatur in their personal lives as they grew into young women, and I wouldn't have changed a thing. I learned as they learned, I grew as they grew and I found me as they were finding themselves.
Till next time,

~We don't see things as they are, We see things as We are.~

10 things I have learned about myself....
1. I am a morning person.
2. I love biographies, and movies with happy endings. Never ever scary, thriller movies.
3. I'm a bigger control freak than I realized or perhaps have been willing to admit
4. I long to simplify my life....
5. I am NOT a fan of overhead lighting..
6. I have an inexplicable desire to make homemade preserves...
7. When life feels chaotic I have a significant need to retreat, in solitude ...
8. I adore the lingering smell of all laundry that has been hung outside....
9. I'm changing...my interests and goals are shifting- ...I welcome the new...
10. You can't go back and expect it to be the same, I'm not even sure you can really ever go back.....

I think I am taking the time for self-discovery, and as Martha would say "that is a good thing".

Till Next Time,

~Nice Surprises~

Someday's are just special, the days that make you just stop for a moment and look around and really see the beauty in someone. Two of my sweet girls (Cori & Erin) ..really hit a homerun with me today. Cori called me today just to let me know she was thinking about me, and what she had learned in philosophy class and wanted my thoughts, because she respected my opinion.. woah! It didn't matter what she said after that....I was one proud mama. :) then Miss Erin, surprised me and painted an old wicker loveseat that I have wanted to put in our kitchen...she said " I knew you didn't have time, so I thought I would do it for you"... is that sweet or what? Yep! I am one lucky mom..


Wood plank floors

The Frugal Farmhouse Designs. I just Love this floor...visit her website for the DIY instructions. Have a wonderful evening... http://thefrugalfarmhousedesigns@blogspot.com

can you believe that this is inexpensive plywood?