Christmas-ing the little brown house

the Christmas totes have all made their way from the garage to the family room, a trail of glitter covers the floor... and I am exhausted.. I want starbucks... I deserve starbucks.. so much for the mantle.. tomorrow.. I will finish.. I am wrapping up in my cardigan and headed up the street to consume a large chestnut praline latte & hallmark movies...

Happy Thanksgiving

I have so much to be thankful for. 
and I am so very thankful. I strive to never take anything for granted.
As I am working around the house today, trying to check off a huge to-do list before my family arrives early tomorrow, I am reminded again of just how blessed I am.  Enjoy your special time with your family & friends, and I sincerely wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving. 

coffee run in pj's

rain, bedhead, pj's, freezing, coffee run...reality.

puttering around the house.

weekends...are for puttering. period. I need these hours of mindless relaxation.  my "greatest brother on earth" installed a new kitchen faucet for me this afternoon.  I believe my neighbors could see me actually doing a little  "river dance" this afternoon. The handle just plopped off a couple of weeks ago.. no prior warning just plop.
Making a commitment to a new faucet..was a huge one. I knew it wasn't going to be an easy install (the sink had to be removed, and the ugly garbage disposal disconnected), so I googled faucets and reviews until I literally became frustrated.  What I wanted, (an industrial high tech faucet, would have come above my window seal, and you have to keep a button pressed for the water to flow...if in doubt go with your gut..

this is so incredibly out of the norm for me... to just go simple 2 handle faucet, but after reading all the frustrated reviews, this moen won out.  and under the sink plumbing needed 2 pipes replaced from cracks.. nothing goes as simple as planned, new sink strainer, replace pipes, and faucet.  Then I was able to start cleaning, and puttering.. I am beyond grateful for the work he did..
kitchen-ey things... just in time for Thanksgiving preps.