~Yep, It's that time of year again~

Last weekend I was sick. I just kinda laid around moping, not really feeling well enough to get anything accomplished... but, i did give myself a Diane Keaton Day and watched my collection of her movies...but this weekend was catch up time... Time to put away all the spring/summer clothes and bring out the sweaters & jackets.

Tomorrow afternoon, I am going to conquer the leaves... our front yard has a beautiful oak tree & a silver maple... crepe myrtles line our drive way... the fallen leaves have covered our driveway and walkway... Fall has arrived in Atlanta.
Enjoy your weekend.


~"With eyes wide open"~

Yesterday on my drive home from work, I glanced over for a brief moment and saw a building that i had never noticed before. Why had i NOT ever noticed it? How could I make that drive daily and yet never noticed a building. I thought the rest of the drive home, what else am i not seeing
Maybe I have accepted a mental vision memory and had stopped seeing what is right in front of me...
As I entered our home, i paused for just a moment and looked around the room. I felt with my heart all the beauty that a home possessess, the love, the comfort and the memories within these walls. I had become conciously aware that our eyes can become opened and we see not only through our eyes but also with our hearts.  I am going to constantly remind myself to see things thru new eyes and an open heart.


~My Girls~

I have 3 beautiful, wonderful daughters. Yes, I am truly blessed. These girls are so uniquely their own people. They are young, free spirited and gifted.

Loren is the oldest and she is getting VERY close to graduating college. (if she doesn't change her major a 4th time).... that let's you in on a little secret of Miss Loren (a womans prerogative, to change her mind).  Loren is a true romantic, she is determined that every situation WILL have a happy ending. She is one of the most determined young ladies that i have ever known.  She doesn't have a lot of patience, but makes up for it with her undying and enduring loyalty. She is relentlessly independent...and I adore her...

Cori, is my middle daughter, she is a junior in college..She is the "pragmatic" one. She is a psych major, and boy does she analyze everything. She loves a good debate, (on topics she is passionate about), She is the defender of the underdog, and surprisingly naive of her beauty... I am so proud of her ....I love that little lady....
Erin is my youngest daughter. She is the nurturer, she never meets a stranger and she is the most trusting of all 3 girls. She thinks with her heart and she like her oldest sister is a romantic. Erin has the patience of a saint, but quick to verbalize her opinion. She is the master of technology (programming remotes and setting up computers) in the house. Her smile will absolutely brighten even the dreariest days....she has my heart wrapped.

Gettin out of my comfort zone

A lot of good can be said about hovering around in a secure, safe and predictable life. It is comfortable and self expectation-less (that is a word) just maybe not all put together... but, non the less.. you get the idea. I never really had an "A" game or a "Plan", I have always just accepted what came along and always made the best of most situations... I have decided to make some changes. Changes that would enhance what is already pretty darn good. I am going to take those trips I kept saying one day, I am going to take a night class, (not quite ready for toastmasters) but, definitely ready to learn something new. I may be joining a womens fitness club ( still deciding on that one) and inviting new people into my life.. It is exciting to realize, "It's all about choices"....

“If we’re growing, we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.”

~The day begins at 5 a.m. at our house~

My day begins super early 5 a.m. to be exact...it is sOo dark and quiet, and I hit snooze on the alarm at least twice, then i hear the pitter patter of big paws at the bottom of the stairs..

This is the master of the house "Rocky".
I always push the brew on the coffee maker while Rocky and I go for our morning walk. It makes it a little nicer to smell the coffee when we come back inside.

One cup of coffee and upstairs I go...hair, make up and dressed... all in 40 minutes (I might add). My breakfast is always eaten on the drive to school, all the while jamming to "journey's greatest hits" or "Van Morrison"... no talk radio for me at 6:30 a.m.  I am always singing while sipping on my (to go coffee) one for the road every morning...

.... and make it to school before the morning buses are released or I will be stuck in traffic for 10 minutes, just trying to get into the parking lot.
Enjoy Your Day!