~Cori the Nanny~

Since starting college (she is in her junior year), Cori has been a "Nanny" to an amazing family in Norcross.
 She really love them, especially Miss Tullulah.

I honestly think Cori would work for "free".......she adores this little girl.

and Miss Tullulah loves her......:)
Isn't she adorable...

Till next time,

~Lisa Leonard~

There are some people who have a gift, you know the sort of people that everyone wants to be friends with, or you feel better about yourself just because they are around. The kind of people that even with their humility and honesty you can't help but admire, & aspire to be more like them, (or at least try to have a more positive influence on your surroundings).  One of those special people is Lisa Leonard.
Not only does she create the most beautiful jewelry (lisa leonard designs), she has also created a beautiful family.
This lady has great talent, a great family, great blog, great hair & now she has been published in the new issue of cottages & bungalows magazine.
(btw, i am so making these cute cones for our mantel).
and she has the confidence to say "hey, i struggle too"..."It's not always easy".

I just wanted to do a quick post of people who "inspire me"  (when I am having a little self-doubt or maybe just a little down in the dumps.) &....when i was reading her blog today, one of her posts was of pure honesty. She was questioning her own thoughts and choices . All the while i was thinking "no way"  this lady does it all, and does it "perfectly"..the inspiration came from me knowing, we all have those doubts, we all question ourselves, & in the end we all are trying to be our best, not only for ourselves, but also for those who share our lives.  Those are some of the things that inspire me!

Enjoy the rest of your week.