Atlanta rain & pretty little trays everywhere

goodmorning to another rainy day.....we have had our fair share of rain in Atlanta the last few weeks, it makes leaving the house for any reason really nasty... it's the sort of weather that you want to just curl up on your nice big sofa, eat some wonderful loaded potato soup & read a great book... not a care in the world... just cozy inside your warm little house...definitely not running to & from your car fighting with an umbrella... sad face.
but, while it was raining again... i stopped by one of my favorite little antiquey-thrift shops and found a simple cake stand with a pedestal for my cologne ... 

pretty cute idea, don't ya think...i was quite happy, it was just what i was looking for... i was getting a little frustrated with dusting the face powder off the cologne bottles every morning... & i sorta think this looks cute...
I also picked up another silver tray... those little beauties are everywhere and used for everything.. I like putting them on table tops & vanities.. and yes, some of them are for serving..:) .. when i finish that new & improved patio, I will put them to "good use". *wink. I can't wait.....for an outdoor space, I have NEVER had one (that i would ever use anyway).

this little beauty only cost $6.00 ... i have to admit, i am loving the new little tray collection.....
I am keeping my fingers crossed the rain stops soon.. we have a long weekend coming up & this lady would love to do a little work on that patio....

Every January

It's that time of year again... the time right after all the twinkling lights and beautiful sparkle of Christmas has been removed... i start thinking and dreaming of spring.  My mind does this every year. I am very predictable. I love the winter until the middle of January.... then it's like.. where's the color, where's the flowers & the green grass.. . With that in mind last night i didn't sleep well at all... and while lying in my bed thinking i started thinking about my next big

.... The Patio..
currently it has all the charm of a bowling alley... seriously. awful. terrible.

A couple of years ago i saved saw this photo on a blog... I can't remember where.. but, i kept it... dreamed of it... drooled over it...

Isn't it beautiful... I WANT it! I started my planning at 2 a.m. seriously i did.  I am going to make this happen with my own 2 little hands.  (plus a handyman) with the privacy fencing and a little stone work..:)
I already have the tile stones, I just need a lot little help finishing the layout. 
Hopefully, this little project will be done in time for "spring"...& i can start the planting.
I can just see my happy self drinking coffee and reading in this little space. Now if only the weather will cooperate for the stone work & privacy fencing..

till next time,