Not an "Airbrushed" life......

Thank goodness for the weekend. I had a exhausting week (second semester started Monday).

Anyway, with work, family and following my new and improved (organization) New Year's resolution... I would not be telling the truth if i posted pictures of a perfectly kept home (suitable for a fifi O'Neal photo shoot), dressed in a cute well coordinated accessorized outfit, and 20 something year old daughters who never "rock my boat"... truth is... our life is not perfect... it's real, it's life. It's not always picture worthy........
Our life is more like....

pj's until noon on saturday, laundry (as we speak), grocery shopping,vacuming (we have a large dog) constantly cleaning floors...he is our Man of the house, and i try to do a phone catch-up with friends on saturday afternoon's. (they live out of state)....
Yep, and budgets... This family has a budget.. :)  no unlimited resources in this house!
We lay on our sofa's with big fluffy pillows & quilts... we cook & bake in our little kitchen, and we eat in our family room while watching "chick flicks".. that is how we roll.
We have "family discussions" about my daughters and their choices!!! hmmmm. Truth is some  of their "dater boys" are definitely not this mothers idea of "oh he is so sweet", and I have been trying "really hard" , at letting them figure things out on their own... but, gosh it is sOoo hard ... i just keep biting my tongue.

So, in the meantime... I am learning to pick my battles, and loving on them when they are home from school.
No airbrushed life in the Najour House... just lots of love. :)


~my new year's resolution~

okay, i will be the first to admit, making new year's resolutions are usually not something i will adhere to past the 3rd week of January.  It has never really worked for me. I have great intentions when i think of "fresh new beginnings", and "starting a whole new year" and start off with a bang and slowly the enthusiasm just fizzles. This year something was majorly different. I had already made some mental changes out of frustration, changes that would actually make my life a little better, simplified.  Organization is a quality i revere & need in my life. 
Piles of receipts, warranties, files, appointments, bills & clutter.... Has made my life much more complicated and frustrating.  I am pretty fanantical about keeping things clean & orderly.... but, PAPER... hmmmm not so much. I just stick them in a basket, or ontop of my desk and before i know it i have stuffed them into drawers or loosely tossed them into the file cabinet, vowing to go thru them.  It hasn't happened. :(

This little gem of a book has totally won me over. It's inspirational, motivating & helpful.

 My next project will be "minimalism", yeah right... I love my "stuff" to much for that. However, I am working on "only keeping what i love" and "use" and "wear", & not to mention my garage currently looks like I am a "hoarder" with all of the totes stacked on the floor, gallons of paint I will never use (dark colors), furniture that needs painted, left over wood planks from the new floor... I really need to start "purging" .  But, for now I am starting with page 1 and working my way thru the book.... wish me luck...   
Have a super week.