~I have BIG weekend plans~

This is going to be a super great weekend... so excited. First my sister (Cheryll) is coming from Virginia to Atlanta!
This is my sweet sister. I am quickly posting while awaiting her arrival. I miss her so much since her move to Virginia... but she lives close to the beach and beautiful Colonial Williamsburg.

During my summer break, my daughters and I love our trips to Virginia. I am not very fond of the underwater bridge that is required to get to the beach, but once there love, love, love the state, and (my sweet sister & her wonderful husband Mike).

It is going to be a fun family filled weekend
My youngest daughter "Erin" is turning the big "19" and I have planned a party to celebrate. She chose the cutest pattern tableware, pink & green .... She ordered a Carrot Cake, Vanilla cupcakes & chocolate chip cookie cake.... she wanted to make sure there was something everyone would like..  I will be sure to post pic's.
I am off to get the guest room finished,before Cheryll arrives. I hope everyone has a super weekend.


~Global warming, world financial crisis & magnifying make up mirrors~

Okay, I would like to think my anxiety is some sort of diversion from the jobless rate, global warming, the world's financial crisis, but probably not....I really am not a vain person.  really i'm not, However-....... 
this morning (6:20 to be exact) still sleepy and getting dressed for work. I was running a little behind on my schedule... so, i quickly started applying my makeup, eyes still puffy, i decided to flip the make up mirror to magnify.. oh no i didn't... oh yes i did.. oh my gosh, reality...
Let me just say, the good Lord knew what he was doing when he allowed us to grow old slowly. But, for those of us with less than perfect eyes (can be a blessing) we don't see up close and personal. Until we flip that darn mirror! Let's just say there is not enough moisturizers on the planet to unfold those crevasses... It is going to take me days to over come that trauma... therapist or micro dermabrasion? either way, i will NEVER flip that mirror again......
off to soak my face in vaseline...


~Meet my Brother & Nephew~

Some special people in my life.....
"Wes Allen & "Jordan Lee Allen" (named after my dad), my brother & nephew.  My brother "Wes" is the handsome man front and left. Jordan is the handsome young man backrow 3rd from R.  When Jordan started playing baseball my mom was very sick but went to cheer him on in little league. My dad never got to meet his grandson, but boy oh boy would he be proud
Wes was telling the family that Jordan was trying out for Grayson High School baseball, and how excited he was for Jordan, we asked if he could finally sit and watch a game or would he still be coaching Jordan from the fence post? ... He said "no I can't just sit and watch", but He told Jordan " I have taken you as far as I can, I have taught you everything I know, now, you will learn from your coaches." 

I have to admit my eyes were teary. For a parent to step aside for their childs best interests is more than inspiring. Here's to you "Jordan Allen" enjoy your high school days, enjoy your sports but always know your biggest fan is holding onto the fence at every game but win or lose, he will ALWAYS be your biggest fan long after baseball has ended.

Happy Birthday Wes, I am YOUR biggest fan. I love you.