arctic blast in the ATL....

not a creature was stirring.... not a dog walker, or jogger in sight.. but I am pretty sure this desolation isn't at Trader Joe's this freezing cold Saturday....
and I have places to go and people to see this weekend & scarves, gloves and hats are NOT a fashion accessory this week...
and a new full length "real" winter coat...kind of a big deal commitment for the south.
and next week, we will be back to cardigans and scarves....

no but seriously... really?

... .and there it is ... that leg!!  funny how sometime we aren't aware of our habits until someone calls you out... my daughter proved her point... if I am sitting (at home)... the leg is up!!! you win!!! :)

The ATL has sunshine.

Yes... as I came downstairs this morning (after a night of thunderstorms).. I saw this!!!


look at that window!!!! sunshine... and then I saw this!!!!

 (pardon the movie madness in the armoire, just keeping it real)
 and more sunlight!!!!! 
 after days and days of rain.... creeks are flooded, the backyard is flooded, but
finally we may have a day of
SUN......(obviously we suffer from cabin fever).. I might even vacuum the car!!!