creating your space with what you love

a home should always be a reflection of you... the colors you love, your fabrics, your art...your style. a home should be personal.  I don't really like matchy furniture.. I never have.  That is my personal style.
I find a shape of a piece and see it finished in my style.  my personality.. I don't like a lot of clutter but I do love artistic eclectic styles.. merged with a modern twist. 

I found this mirror at a local thrift shop, it was ugly!!!  dirty & an awful shade of brown.. but, I really liked the shape....I cleaned it up and added grey chalk paint and put it on an easel in the corner of the dining room. 
that is what home is... creating a space that expresses "you".. a place where you are your happiest ...

and you can never go wrong with white!!! it is crisp and neutral.. and everything looks vibrant around it.
Enjoy your weekend... SUPER BOWL!!!!