Christmas at our house

Celebrating Christ
  My sweet girls were home for Christmas break, and with them is an energy that only comes from the 20 somethings... the excitment, the friends dropping by unexpectedly to wish you the best of Christmases. Rushing to finish last minute baking, wrapping gifts we had made for family & friends. Joy filled the air & our hearts.
Early Christmas Eve we drove to visit Aunts & cousins, and family came to our house in the evening...

my precious Aunt Margie.... with my daughters...

family dinner Christmas Eve....

my sister (Cheryll) & my brother (Wes), and his sweet wife Robyn.
my daughter "Cori"

Erin, my youngest daughter........

Loren, Cori & Erin... Christmas morning... don't you just love Loren's penguin pj's. :)

Christmas - that magic blanket that wraps itself about us, that something so intangible that it is like a fragrance. It may weave a spell of nostalgia. Christmas may be a day of feasting, or of prayer, but always it will be a day of remembrance - a day in which we think of everything we have ever loved. ~Augusta E. Rundel

I hope your heart & home was filled with peace & joy this Christmas and all through the new year!


It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

We have been Super busy around our house the last couple of weeks. My daughters are taking their finals this week.. & yours truly has been turning our house into a winter wonderland.

The kitchen window.......

 Our family room.... the yellow isn't really that bright.. i think it is my point & shoot :(

I just love this rudolph & Santa, they were my mom's.
This week we finally made our Christmas Card... getting these 3 girls together is almost impossible...with school, work, finals it was a challenge.......
I am really hoping to start making our candy this weekend! and start addressing the Christmas cards... busy, busy, busy.
I have had so much fun in blogland this week..looking at all the beautiful decorations, & admiring the most creative, talented people.  It is a little intimidating to see so much talent, not to mention the photography...(sighing,really loudly) ...
I think I am going to try my hand at some edible gifts this year, I'm loving all the great ideas.... now just to find the time.

Till next time

~the love of soaps~

while i have been turning our home into a "winter wonderland" for Christmas... I go upstairs each night totally exhausted, to get ready for bed. First, I love to soak in a warm bubble relaxes me internally & externally... It gives me a chance to lay my head on my little inflatable pillow and just soak in the day... It has become my favorite part of the evening.. a time to compose my thoughts, check off my lists, (i am a big list maker)...and relax.   I have so many scented soaps in my little bath....Yep, I'll admit it...another addiction, collecting soaps!!!... Trader Joe's lemon verbena is amazing, yardley, oatmeal & almond is scrumptous.. i have to say those 2 are my favorites... & very inexpensive. So, I stock up when i am shopping for my home supplies....

  I also love little pink roses.... i have little white vases & white pitchers full of pink roses in my bedroom & bath... soft & simple ..... love them.

Enjoy the rest of your week, & find joy in the little things!!
& Be Blessed


~My sweet Erin baking me cupcakes~

Today was my last day of Thanksgiving vacation...My youngest daughter "Erin" decided cupcakes for dessert might snap me out of my "oh no work tomorrow" blues. Her older sister Cori came over for dinner... she was in a "oh no!, class tomorrow,break is over" blues ... so little sister to the rescue... a few eggs, whisk, batter.....

and tada.... Erin's famous spiced cupcakes with cream cheese frosting......
and a little more sugar sprinkles...
Cupcakes must be a little medicinal.... we instantly felt better. :)   ... Erin you are such a sweetie....
Enjoy your week.
Blessings to you and your family.


~unpacking our Christmas Decorations~

my mom & dad.....

Every year around Thanksgiving, I start separating the red & green totes. Some of the totes are ornaments, others are outside decorations & beautiful pinecone garlands.
This year was a little different, I looked over my totes and started looking inside some of the cardboard boxes labeled with a very familiar handwriting. The boxes were sealed with packing tape and had not been opened in 7 years. They belonged to my mom. When my passed away my brother & sister gifted me my mom's Christmas treasures. 
my mom's Santa ornament.....

one of my mom's toyland music boxes......

I love this Nativity ornament.....

My brother (Wes) & my sister (Cheryll) and all the nieces & nephews come over to our house on Christmas Eve.. It is a time we all treasure... homemade cookies, candies & lots of delicious finger foods...I wasn't sure how Cheryll & Wes would feel, if I brought out my mom's beautiful decorations... but, I did it anyway.. I was ready. I wanted it proudly displayed with all the whimsical toyland, bright colors & lots of Santa's... The Santa & Rudolph below were ALWAYS beside my mom's Christmas Tree.. As I slowly unwrapped this prized keepsake, I I could see my mom's face as we helped her place them under her tree....and I proudly placed it beside our tree.......

aren't they beautiful.... I think I will bring them out every year!!!

This is my Beautiful Santa & Rudolph in our Picture Window, in the Kitchen...I love that big window with all the bright sunlight & it was the perfect place to put Mr. Claus...  well, back to decorating.... "Tis the Season"...
Me & my handsome Brother (Wes) Thanksgiving... at the traditional lighting of the tree.
Have a blessed week...

~Happy Thanksgiving~

Bless us, Oh Lord,
and these thy gifts which
we are about to receive from thy bounty,
through Christ, Our Lord.

From my family to yours, wishing you a happy, healthy, and blessed Thanksgiving and holiday season.
God Bless,
Be Back Soon

~Cori the Nanny~

Since starting college (she is in her junior year), Cori has been a "Nanny" to an amazing family in Norcross.
 She really love them, especially Miss Tullulah.

I honestly think Cori would work for "free".......she adores this little girl.

and Miss Tullulah loves her......:)
Isn't she adorable...

Till next time,

~Lisa Leonard~

There are some people who have a gift, you know the sort of people that everyone wants to be friends with, or you feel better about yourself just because they are around. The kind of people that even with their humility and honesty you can't help but admire, & aspire to be more like them, (or at least try to have a more positive influence on your surroundings).  One of those special people is Lisa Leonard.
Not only does she create the most beautiful jewelry (lisa leonard designs), she has also created a beautiful family.
This lady has great talent, a great family, great blog, great hair & now she has been published in the new issue of cottages & bungalows magazine.
(btw, i am so making these cute cones for our mantel).
and she has the confidence to say "hey, i struggle too"..."It's not always easy".

I just wanted to do a quick post of people who "inspire me"  (when I am having a little self-doubt or maybe just a little down in the dumps.) &....when i was reading her blog today, one of her posts was of pure honesty. She was questioning her own thoughts and choices . All the while i was thinking "no way"  this lady does it all, and does it "perfectly"..the inspiration came from me knowing, we all have those doubts, we all question ourselves, & in the end we all are trying to be our best, not only for ourselves, but also for those who share our lives.  Those are some of the things that inspire me!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

~Cori & Gus~

Cori sent me a couple of pic's of her new fur baby.... Gus

But, I don't think "Miss Bella" likes him very much... a little jealousy between the babies.


...cottage white bedroom

My much needed bedroom re-do. "here's a little background".. I have a 3 bedroom house, there "were" 4 of us. Two of my daughters always had to share a bedroom, (so they got the master). Then there were 3, when Loren left Erin took Loren's room, Cori (still had the master) not sure how that happened.. I think because she always had friends sleeping over. Anyway. When Cori left for college, "I moved into the Master" twice the size, dressing room & double walk-in closet.

It really was overwhelming for me at first. It was sad to inherit the room as the girls were leaving home (now, when they come home to visit they have the smaller room).
 Slowly, after a few months of adjusting... i gradually started transferring my things across the hall to the "big" room.

I finally made the move, painted the walls dove white and created a space that is cheerful and bright. 

The girls still hang out in the bedroom, only this time to use the large leaning floor mirror.  Some things will never change.  "I wouldn't change a thing" :)

~Loren the Nanny~

Loren & Cori are both in college, (hopefully Loren will be graduating next year).. She has changed her major a couple of times 3X. She has now decided to major in education (history). Okay now that we have that settled... she can't change her major again. Education it is. I hope she is reading this...
Since college both Loren & Cori have also become "Nannies". 
I don't know who is the luckiest, the children or my daughters. Loren is a Nanny to twin girls  (Sydney & Alexis) & their older sister Miss Maddie. The kids really love Loren & she is totally "in love" with them.

Aren't they the cutest little babies... When Loren is home she flashes her phone photo's and proudly brags of all the things that she has taught the girls.... She will be such a great teacher. (my bragging rights).......
Till next time,

~Be Inspired~

I try never to compare myself or my life to other people.
To me life isn't a competition.
 I am always inspired by others in their talents, accomplishments & their passion
& their commitment to that Passion
creating our lives through our hearts
choices by our Character.

~coffee mugs~

I admit it... I have an obsession. I am not only a "coffee addict" but, yes I am also addicted to pretty coffee mugs & tumblers...
Every Christmas I buy my daughters a new mug to have with hot cocoa on Christmas morning.. It has become a tradition of sorts.. They expect it. I think I have passed my obsession onto my daughters.
There is no way to display and photograph these jewels but let me just say each one of them is a little work of art.
I love love love the rose mugs by housewares. When Cori is home she literally demands the housewares mugs. We also have monogrammed tumblers, & mugs.
I just think they make my morning coffee a little more special.

Till next time



Identity; the state or fact of remaining the same one or ones, as under varying aspects or conditions        

I have spent the last 2 decades being mom to 3 very beautiful, outgoing young ladies, & I must say this empty nest thing can put you on a rollercoaster of emotions. (to say the least).
Discovering a lot about myself has been a definite eye opener. Focusing on myself has been quite an adjustment. (a little detour or hiatus). I am still a mom, but I am now a FULL time me!
Till next time,


~Happy Halloween~



Have a safe & happy halloween