small spaces suits me well..

I have been away from my little blog for quite some time... I wanted to stop in and give a few little life updates as well as a few house changes. 
One of the most rewarding hobbies for me is making something old new again.  Staining furniture, painting, wallpaper, moving furniture from one room to the next... I love it...mindless therapy.  Instant gratification.

Things I love... that is the way I do everything.  I know instantly if "I love" something.  my heart literally sings when I surround myself with art, music, color and people that I love, and who doesn't love Lennon? 
I have several canvases stored in my garage, some of them were used... I just painted a few of them charcoal grey and a little mod podge later... new black and white art. 
The dining room picture gallery was added after Christmas.  My daughter Loren painted the black and white abstract...some of the others were gifts from friends...
Our Christmas this last year must have been themed "ART",  My middle daughter Cori, loved this print of Bob Dylan.... I enlarged the print and mounted it on canvas....She was so surprised..
I made a mural for a closet door....Bansky is another one of my favorites.... my daughter caught a quick pic of me chasing rocky the food snatcher...
one other little change... if you can't find what you want .... make it...  I loved the black and white mixed pattern .. but I couldn't find it ... or reasonably priced... I found 2 smaller mixed patterns that I thought would work well for the little space.. one trip to home depot... one roll of carpet tape.. and
it was exactly what i wanted in that little room...wild neutral patterns.  and for $40.00... i don't even care if rocky rolls all over it...."which he does"... and one other little addition... wallpaper... high ceilings and ladders ... (and 2 glasses of wine later)...done!
Things around here are going nicely...Loren graduated and is currently working in marketing, Cori will be graduating very soon (psychology)...and Erin loves her retail management career..  I couldn't be more proud of the strong independent women that have become....they are "always in all ways beautiful"...  xoxo

till next time...

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